Celebrate Graduation in Style with I’M Hotel Posted By: on April 28th, 2018

What are the essential aspects of celebrating a graduation in a luxury hotel?

1. Well-Deserved Pampering
2. Embracing the Cityscape
3. Spa Meditation
4. World-Class Dining
5. Brilliant Package Deals


Graduation is one of the most momentous events of a person’s life; it is a rite-of-passage that calls for utmost celebration with people that have been with you throughout your meaningful journey in education. Whether you are graduating from high school, college, or even when you are receiving your doctorate, one of the ideal places to celebrate your graduation is in one of the different 5-star hotels in Manila.

Aside from the technical and specialized skills and knowledge you acquire, going to school is an incredibly significant experience; it teaches us what life is all about—on a fundamental level. It is in these educational institutions that we form lifelong friendships and relationships.

Before you graduate, you go through the ups and downs that direct you towards growing as a person. You also get the opportunity to hone your own sense of independence. Admittedly, you also go through some challenges in whatever form (exams, difficult professors, writing your own thesis, etc.). All of these difficulties have now past and ultimately makes graduating that much sweeter!

This is why you deserve nothing but the best as your graduation gift. Go ahead and grab this opportunity to gather all of your family and friends. Get together with your loved ones and embrace what life is all about in the analogous splendor of the most refined luxury hotels in Manila.

Here are the most resonant thoughts and sentiments that are intertwined with making sure you have the best graduation celebration:

Well-Deserved Luxury and Pampering

Well-Deserved Luxury and Pampering

Without a doubt, going through school can most certainly be one of the most challenging feats that you have overcome. Your achievement is something that you should be incredibly proud of. And you deserve to spoil yourself with the most elegant graces that Metro Manila has in store.

The marvelous and chic atmospheres of I’M Hotel give you the sweet sensations of this reward that you have just earned from years of struggling and toiling with books and assignments. At this point, you find yourself moving forward in a new chapter of your life. And what better way to break that in than with the style and elegance of I’M Hotel.


Embracing the Urban Landscape

I’M Hotel is widely known for its incomparable and breathtaking view of the Makati skylines. Whatever level of education you are graduating from means that you will be entering new and more dynamic worlds. You may find yourself waiting to work a new job or entering a university. The picturesque aestheticism of I’M Hotel’s skyline view fills you with an indescribable self-reflexivity that can only be labeled as beautiful excitement for whatever life has in store next for you.

The working world is yours for the taking and I’M Hotel clouds your heart and soul with the best of what Manila has to offer. Lounge on the rooftop poolside or by the bar, and have drinks with cherished company while you reminisce about the good times and share anticipative glee for your colorful plans for the future.

 Relaxation and Tranquility with the Onsen Spa

Relaxation and Tranquility with the Onsen Spa

Having previously been mentioned, studying in school may have loaded your body and mind with stress. What better way to celebrate all the hard work than with a visit to the spa? But not just any spa, I’M Hotel’s signature Onsen Spa is the country’s one-of-a-kind wonders. The peace, serenity, and rejuvenation that you feel from visiting the Onsen Spa are deeply embedded in artful executions of the authentic Zen spirit and ancient oriental zeal for life.


Exemplary and Triumphant Dining

“Eat, drink and be merry,” said the wise scholars of Ancient Greece. Regardless of the culture you were raised in, there is an inherent significance in the celebratory rituals of sitting down and having a meal. Gather your family and closest friends together with the cosmopolitan flavors of I’M Hotel’s exquisite dining with dishes made by internationally recognized chefs.

Graduation Promos to Seize

Graduation Promos to Seize

This graduation season, I’M Hotel offers a variety of promos and package deals specially tailored for all graduates. The Graduation Spa Party Package includes the oozing delights of a head, neck, and shoulder massage, foot spa, and complimentary free-flowing wellness tea in the relaxation lounge to top it all off. You also gain access to the wellness suite that is inclusive of a steam, sauna, and Onsen services.

I’M Hotel’s Treat to the Graduates honors all graduation celebrants and their guests with sumptuous drinks and meals.

Bloom offers a special Saturday dinner buffet.

Empress Jade concocted a special dessert just for the graduates!

And finally, I’M Hotel’s Mermaid Pool Bar salutes cheers to the graduates with cocktails and complimentary tapas to their heart’s desire.


Key Takeaway

I’M Hotel has a deep understanding of how much your graduation means to you and your family. The various 5-star hotels in Manila are great places to celebrate your graduation. The style and elegance that these luxury hotels have could perfectly match your triumphant spirit as you spend time with the people that matter most to you.

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