Why You Should Consider Throwing your Next Party at a Hotel Posted By: on February 6th, 2018

What are some of the many great reasons for you to set your next party at a 5-star hotel in Manila?

  1. The magnificent views they offer
  2. Their convenient and strategic locations
  3. Ensured and fully pampered privacy
  4. Their facilities are always top of the line


If there’s an event coming up and you find yourself in search of a venue, and are in dire need of something to wrap your head around so you can get ahead in planning your bodacious bash, try rummaging the online directories for the wide range of 5-star Hotels in Manila.

It would be such an ideal picturesque plan to have your party at one of the hotels in Manila with a pool. In this tropical climate, any fiesta by the serene waters of lusciously designed and crafted luxury pools within hotel confines are to die for.

If it is the case that there’s a momentous event coming up that calls for unabashed celebration, if there’s a special gathering amongst cherished company that is in the motions of taking place, if there’s an important holiday coming up like New Year’s Eve, then without a doubt, booking a 5-star hotel would help ease your stress and assure a smashing event.

There are countless places and ideas for you to throw your next party at, but the sirens of the packages hotels can provide are just too alluring. Here some key reasons to throw your next party at a hotel:

Impeccably Scenic Views

Impeccably Scenic Views

First of all, the beautiful skyline is enough reason. There is nothing like being in the middle of the party having the time of your life, rooms full of laughter and good times, and as you turn your head, you suddenly find yourself absolutely smitten with your breath taken away by the lovely Manila skylines.

The overlooking vistas making you feel like you have the whole world in your hands. Hotels always exude a getaway-like grandeur. The bursts of natural furnishing set you and your guests’ heart with harmonious affection.

I’M Hotel’s infrastructures along Makati Ave. are zenith appropriations of the finer things in life right in the heart of Metro Manila.


Optimal Locations

When in Manila, there’s a lot to bestow upon surrounding the many luxurious hotels. The hotels nestled within the urban sphere are enclaved with cityscape activities and centers for leisure. When planning a party, guests are always top priority. And when considering party venues, it is important to pick the most convenient locations for your guests.

The majority of top level luxury hotels in the Philippines is within the urban borders of Metro Manila. I’M Hotel’s optimal location proves to be an accessible front for guests scattered all over Manila and its beautiful outskirts. Located at literally the center of top business districts, the outside playgrounds of I’M Hotel are a sea of fun restaurants, bars, and clubs that are easy to check out—it’s always an enhancing experience to be surrounded with nightlife energy.

Fully Catered Privacy

Fully Catered Privacy

If you know your way around the nightlife circuit, then it would be a nice breath of fresh air to have a hotel bash; something different from the almost uniform dynamics of any club scene. Throwing a party at a hotel also sprinkles a magical brand of exclusivity for you and your guests to revel in.

There’s a certain elegant intimacy that comes with hotel service. Whether it’s the newly portioned trends of Boutique Hotels or the classic staple 5 star hotel, there’s a landscape of sculpted lobbies, gardens, lounges, and dining facilities that always percolate a special touch for the general parameters of desire and enjoyment—there’s never a moment where you feel like you’re not a special guest.


Upscale Hotel Facilities and Accommodations

The most beautiful thing about working with a hotel for your next party is that not only do you not have to worry about leaving most of the grit work to the staff, but you’ll constantly be showered with luxurious hospitality. The staff always makes sure that every step of bringing your party to life will be of utmost pleasure.

The masterful hotel dining and the graces of room service will be your ally as your excellent party is transpiring. They’re always 5 steps ahead of you when it comes to attending to the smallest of follies.

Finally, and crucially, never underestimate how much being around a well-crafted and presented pool can really tie things together for your bash. The glowing pool lights radiating a peaceful light that strikes engaging moods for party life.

I’M Hotel offers booking services along with chic spaces for any planned event the grand Mahogany Ballroom and preceding event halls are places perfectly suited for esteemed parties. They also offer VIP Spa Suites that hold the capacity for about 25 people, perfect for small scale parties.


Key Takeaway

Hotels essentially help you and give you tremendous insights into bringing your vision to life. The 5-star hotels in Manila and the hotels in Manila with pool grounds will surely light up the faces of your enchanted guests.

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