Millennial Travelers: How to Balance Work and Travel Posted By: on August 29th, 2018

How can millennial travelers balance work and travel?

  1. Make a master list of holidays
  2. Prioritize your travel destinations
  3. Take advantage of the weekends
  4. Constantly save money


Studies by the World Tourism Organization show that people are traveling now more than ever. From 2009 to 2016, there was a 3.9% growth in the number of international tourist arrivals with the number reaching 1235 million – a solid increase of 300 million. These figures were achieved despite the global financial and economic crisis and the many safety and security challenges in the tourism industry.

Since these are global and international numbers, it’s safe to assume that they apply to the Philippines and that is actually made apparent by the never-ending establishment of 5-star hotels in Manila, Makati, and other major cities. You can also feel the people’s desire to travel by the instant selling out of discounted plane fares and so much more. It may surprise you but the majority of those who contribute to the rise of tourism in countries all over the world are actually millennials.

On average, millennials take 2 to 3 trips each year not because they need to but because they want to. That said, however, the burning passion to travel and the many responsibilities that come with being an adult created a new problem for people. They now have to work harder to achieve a perfect balance between the two. Some have succeeded but many have failed. If you belong to the latter, then stick around to learn how you –  a millennial – can perfectly balance work and travel!



Make a Master List of Holidays

More often than not, annual national and international holidays are announced months before the start of the new year and it would greatly benefit you if you write them down, mark your calendars or save the dates on your phone. Include in your master list office holidays and the number of paid leaves you’re expected to have.

If you have kids and plan to travel with them, then make sure to note their summer and Christmas break as well. It would also help you to share your list with your friends so that you can all align your schedules and travel together without anyone having to make major sacrifices.

You can then refer to the list anytime you’re planning a big trip with family, friends or by yourself. It should also keep you from faking sickness just to get to another country and let you keep your sick leaves for when you’re actually feeling under the weather.



Prioritize Your Travel Destinations

As much as you’d like to, there’s no way you can visit every country in the span of a single year. There are 195 countries in the world and if we take into account the fact that every millennial goes on two to three trips per year, it would take 65 years for you to visit each one, and that’s only if you visit a different country per trip.

The idea of traveling to all countries is certainly a nice one but it’s far from realistic, so you have to prioritize which countries you want to explore. Prior to planning, list down those top five or ten countries that you really want to go to. You can even go beyond that and make a smaller list of must-see destinations within those countries so you can plan your trips accordingly. Through this, you’re sure to be able to visit your favorite and most desired places.



Take Advantage of the Weekends

When it comes to making time for travel, you shouldn’t depend solely on holidays, paid leaves, and time offs. The regular, 2-day weekend should be more than enough to satisfy the traveler in you. You can go on spontaneous adventures with your loved ones or have a properly planned weekend getaway that makes full use of the weekend.

Naturally, you won’t be able to travel to a different country, so try to use the time to explore your homeland. The Philippines alone is made up of more than 7,000 islands with each of them having something different to offer. There are beaches, caves, mountains, and destinations you may not have yet visited and the weekend should be more than enough to see them. If you want more time, then you can start your adventure the moment you get off work on Friday.



Constantly Save Money

It should go without saying but there’s no way you can travel without any funds. Unfortunately, this is where many fall short. Most people only start saving for their trips once they have it planned, so they often find themselves unable to take advantage of sudden ticket sales and budget travel packages.

In order to avoid this, keep a travel fund and make a vow to yourself that you’re only going to use it for your trips and legitimate emergencies – i.e. you have fallen sick and not for a shoe sale. Set aside a bit of your monthly pay and add it to your travel fund, so you’re always ready whenever an opportunity comes. You should also remove any bad spending habits that are shedding away your savings.



Key Takeaway

It certainly is incredible to be able to say that you’ve not only stayed at a 5-star hotel in Manila but at luxury hotels all over the world as well. However, you won’t be able to get to that point if you don’t learn to balance your work and travel life.

Sure, it’s hard but it’s not impossible. You have holidays, paid time offs, and weekends to soothe your traveler soul. All you have to do is save up and prioritize so you can take advantage of every possible travel opportunity that comes your way!

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