Great Places to Visit Around the Poblacion District Posted By: on April 25th, 2018

What are some great spots to check out around the Poblacion area of Makati?

  1. El Chupacabra
  2. Commune
  3. Pura Vida
  4. Crying Tiger Street Kitchen
  5. I’M Hotel


Makati is the urban epicenter of the Philippines; it is the heart of the country’s major centers for commerce. But besides this, certain areas of Makati are also very well known for the prodigious nightlife and daytime activities.

Whether you are a local or staying in one of the different serviced apartments in Manila, there is a plentitude of great establishments where you can hang out with friends and have a few drinks while getting to know new and friendly folks as well.

Poblacion is a district in Makati that is full of color and life. It is commonly flocked with an eclectic range of individuals ranging from artistic-types to tourist backpackers to business executives. Besides the exciting local music events, Poblacion has gained popular attention for all the great food joints that flock them.

The Philippines is known for having several hotels in Makati with pools and excellent dining. However, Makati has so much more to offer in terms of truly enjoying the native cosmopolitan milieu.

Here are some of the essential places to visit if you want to experience the best of what the Poblacion district has in store:

The Mexican Tastes of El Chupacabra

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The Mexican Tastes of El Chupacabra

Located on Felipe St. This place started out many years ago as a small and simple canteen that has grown to be a local institution where people come over looking to spend fun weekend evenings. El Chupacabra is essentially a Mexican dive bar that serves absolutely mouthwatering street tacos, cold beers, and excellent cocktail mixes.

El Chupacabra’s meal selections also consist of amazing grilled chicken skewers and other meats. Every year, on their anniversary or on Cinco de Mayo, they serve Margaritas for literal spare change (10 pesos to be exact). Their yummy food and down-to-earth ambiance definitely go hand-in-hand.


The Café Artisan Touches of Commune

Taking a different turn from the first entry, Commune is not exactly a place to spend exciting weekend nights. This café and bar is more of a cozy atmosphere where it’s nice to sit and relax with a lovely book or have great intimate conversations with friends.

Located on Polaris St., this café has an excellent assortment of dishes and beautifully crafted coffee brews. Their panini is devilishly scrumptious. The baristas, on the other hand, are extremely creative when it comes to making latte art and even serving drinks in shot-glass shaped cookies!

Pura Vida’s delicious Jamaican Groove

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Pura Vida’s delicious Jamaican Groove

Whether you are an avid lover of Reggae music or not, Pura Vida is a bar that is definitely one-of-a-kind. The continuous flow of drinks from the bar along with the hip music definitely sets the right evening mood—conducive for socializing or just kicking back.

Drinks aside, Pura Vida offers a variety of authentic Costa Rican cuisine. The Arroz Con Pollo and the Enyucados are exquisitely paired with the Guaro Sour cocktail or their signature Summer Melted cocktail. The environment is just so fun that even sipping on one of the offered local beers is an excellent choice.


Southeast Asian Flavors by Crying Tiger Street Kitchen

The streets of Metro Manila have all sorts of great street food that are enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike. But Crying Tiger Street Kitchen is a joint that serves amazing choices of signature street food from the Philippines’ neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

There is a certain vibrancy to this place that adds an extra zing to their great dishes. The Satay, Mee Goreng, Pad See Ew are best paired with a nice cold Tiger or Chang beer while in the presence of treasured company.

The Luxurious Splendor of I’M Hotel

The Luxurious Splendor of I’M Hotel

I’M Hotel is a relatively new luxury hotel in the Poblacion district that embodies the distinct charms of Philippine urban opulence. What makes I’M Hotel stand out from any other spot in Makati is their amazing roof deck. Nowhere else in the city can you get such a breathtaking view of the Makati skyline juxtaposed with the heavenly Manila sunset.

There are many dining options in I’M Hotel that cater to your modern-fusion food cravings. The Common Good Food Playground is arguably the most exquisite international buffet in Manila. Spending an afternoon at I’M Hotel’s signature Onsen Spa is sure to relax and rejuvenate the soul. And finally, no visit to I’M Hotel is complete without having a few drinks at the Antidote Bar that features the ambient glows of a luminescent jellyfish tank.


Key Takeaway

Are you visiting the country and staying in one of the different serviced apartments in Manila? Make sure to check out these spots in order to get a full sense of what makes city life in the Philippines such a delight.

Locals and tourists alike are sure to indulge in the food, drinks, and good times that are in store. I’M Hotel is one of the few hotels in Makati with a pool that is a stone’s throw away from the prodigious Makati nightlife and serves as an essential spot on its own.

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