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What makes hotel cuisine the unique and exciting dining experience that it is?

  1. The graces of a high quality Buffet
  2. The breathtaking interior design of fine dining establishments
  3. An entry point into World Class International Cuisine
  4. Luxurious takes on Philippine Cuisine


It’s a common notion that choosing a hotel restaurant is a very tacky move when planning to head out with company for a food adventure. Often times, this shaky sentiment prevails even if you’re a tourist caught up in an extended stay at one of Manila’s hotels. However, once you overcome this stigma, there’s actually a lot of inherent magic going on in these swanky joints.

There’s a variety of amazing eateries all across the board, scattered within the extravagant walls of luxury hotels in Manila. It’s important to take a step back and get a good glimpse of all the wondrous offerings there are to be bestowed upon when indulging in the cross cultural mélange of delicacies that hotel restaurants have to offer.  

Don’t be closed minded and give into bigotry by automatically dismissing hotel restaurants as blasé eateries in the form of second rate highbrow kitchen knockoffs. There really is a genuinely unique culinary couture to the whole hotel dining experience that sends your taste buds to heaven with delightful explosions of flavor and succulence. There’s so much to wrap your heart around in the realm of hotel dining, here are some key insights into what makes this so special:

Exceptional Buffets

Exceptional Buffets

Buffets are a common sight all across any city, each varying in standard, quality, and even quantity. However, the buffets offered in upscale luxury hotel restaurants operate on a distinctly more refined level.

Servers are always in sight ready to attend to any of your needs. Meats are usually and gracefully carved right before your eyes, for you to witness the nimble succulence of the slab, there’s an unmistakable mastery at the omelet station; ready to comply with even the most cutthroat of specific requests. And most importantly, the food, ingredients, and everything that comes into the whole buffet operation is always made sure to be of only the freshest resource.


Interior Design and Fine Dining

Where you eat is just as important as what you’re eating. It is said that atmosphere is everything. Hotels provide for meticulously planned furnishing and dexterously chosen dining furniture. The strategic placement that sets the appropriate mood that enhances the whole experience. For instance, I’M Hotel is known for their luminescent jellyfish tank that perfectly captures the essence of modern dining.

Whether its Chinese style service, Banquet style service, Family style service, Buffet style service, Gueridon service or Silver service, hotel restaurants provide exemplary accommodations for any of these appropriations.

International Cuisine

International Cuisine

It’s a given that world class cuisine from all across the corners of the globe are always served in hotel restaurants. On a practical level, it’s definitely only reasonable that a hotel of global standard offer cuisine that generally covers an eclectic range of food choices—some of their guests may be incredibly selective when it comes to what they eat, and might strictly just consume meals of their region in the world.

On a more engaging and appetizing perspective, hotels are indeed known for their perfected techniques in serving international dishes of all sorts.  Hotel restaurants cover all menu categories from table d’hôte to à la carte menus. The Atelier displays by highly sought after chefs are an experience in the art of cooking honed on international scales. The styles of French cuisine and all that of continental flavor are always well demarcated with the most awestriking Japanese food this side of the orient.


Philippine Cuisine

Of course, when it comes to native cuisine of any sort, there’s absolutely no comparing to the special touches instilled by years of home cooked meals. These people know their dishes by heart and have developed such an intuitive grasp of preparing these meals that the indescribable ‘magic’ factor is actually the taste of love and home from ancestral techniques, methods, and secret ingredients passed on from generation to generation.

It may sound “too good to be true” but there are some cases wherein these homegrown Filipino delicacies can be even BETTER prepared; it’s when these home specialties are prepared with that touch of love AND at the same time, the masterful skills of a well-trained artist in the culinary craft.

Amongst the plethora of luxury hotels in the Philippines, there are many havens that specialize in cultivating the magnificent Filipino flavors scattered and fused from the country’s many beautiful regions. Be on the lookout for exquisitely prepared Bistek Tagalog (Beef Steak), Kaldereta (Beef Stew), Kare-Kare, and the ever so reputable Adobo—marinated with the best herbs and spices scoured from the most coveted of regions. These Filipino chefs are trained in preparing their native dishes in manners that are certainly world class in their palatability.


Key Takeaway

With all these being said, it should be apparent at this point that the many luxury hotels in Manila have in them the capacity for an exciting rendezvous with food. If this article aims to accomplish one thing: it’s to share the sentiment that if you are a tourist and maybe even find yourself caught with an extended stay at one of the many hotels in Manila, sometimes you don’t even have to leave your hotel for an exciting adventure in both international and local dining.

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