Green Living Posted By: on April 20th, 2018

I’M Hotel is 100% committed to Mother Earth!

Every single aspect of the architectural design concept of the entire hotel is geared towards supporting the environment. As a modern property, we are conscious of the part we play in sustaining our environment for future generations.

Below are some fun facts that make I’M Hotel all about the environment:

    • All Guestroom windows are made of double glazed glass – specifically designed to reduce heating up of rooms. This kind of glass window enables the air-conditioning unit in the room to retain its cool temperatures, thus, conserving energy in the process.
  • All Water Closets have a “dual flusher” system. The regular water dispensed in a single flush is approximately 6L. With the dual flusher, the water dispensed is at only 3L when using the half flush. It is encouraged to use the half flush as needed.
  • All rooms are being set-up with an “Environmental Card” which states that:
  • “If the card is placed on the bed, the linen will be changed”. Otherwise, linen changing is every 3 days.
  • “If the bathrobe/towel is left on the floor, it will be changed.”
  • The Housekeeping cleaning chemicals that are used at I’M Hotel are from “Green Housekeeping”. This kind of chemical reduces the use of water as most of it is 100% rinse-free.
    • The room flooring is made of engineered wood which not only serves as a more hygienic option also reduces the use of electrical equipment, thus, saving electricity.
    • Many hotels use floor carpets made of fabric in their hallways and corridors. In I’M Hotel, the material used is high quality vinyl. Vinyl is made up of a synthetic material that is maintained by dust mopping or vacuuming. This is one of the most hygienic materials available in the market as it reduces stains and odors that can be accumulated through spillage. It’s easy to clean and odor-free – reducing the use of chemicals being used to maintain it and is a healthy choice for our guests.
    • All our hotel rooms have power saving sensors which automatically turns off all power supply and equipment when the guest is not inside the room.
    • All rooms utilize LED lights which are very energy efficient and consume up to 90%
      less power than incandescent bulbs.
    • The black-out curtain is made up of rubberized fabric which prevents sunlight from seeping into the room. This helps keep the room cooler thus reducing the energy used by the air-conditioning unit.
    • The bed linen is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and boasts a luxurious 400 Thread Counts. This kind of fabric and make almost gives the feel of satin smoothness which eliminates extreme creases and wrinkles after its washing. This fabric quality, in turn, saves energy consumption as the drying and folding procedure is reduced.
  • I’M Hotel does not use plastic packaging in all its amenities inside Guestrooms, in keeping with its environmental policies; Cardboard boxes which are 100% recyclable is being used instead.

I’M Hotel is a part of the latest lifestyle trends in Manila – with its modern architecture, colorful bird-cages, acrylic-bottomed pool, urban Onsen and sky-rise building. Nevertheless, Mother Nature plays an integral part in the culture and the community that is distinctly and originally I’M Hotel. We thank all our guests for playing their role as guardians of Mother Earth.