Date Idea: A Tranquil Afternoon at the Hotel Spa Posted By: on February 2nd, 2018

How can you enjoy a tranquil afternoon at the hotel spa?

  1. Getting matching massages
  2. Treating your wife to the spa
  3. Trying certain spa treatments that have yet to be tried
  4. Get a treatment designed specifically for the both of you
  5. Playing romantic music while in the spa
  6. Booking a luxury hotel for the complete spa experience


People love making the most out of their stay in a hotel in the Philippines. In fact, extended stays in hotels in Manila are some of the greatest ways on how to make the best out of quality vacation/staycation times. Speaking of which, there really is nothing better than spending a day filled with love and romance with your significant other—and what better place to spend it in than being at the best spa hotel in the metro?

Spa dates with your significant other is sure to be a day filled with love and romance. But don’t think for a second that it won’t be a luxurious experience—after all, you are going to spend it in the best hotel spa at a gorgeous extended stay hotel in Manila.

Can you imagine all the pampering you will be receiving right after all the shopping, the food trips, and the walking you did all around the metro? For sure, all the stress you’ve been feeling will be gone as soon as the masseuse massages all your knots away!

Want to know more date ideas to do for a spa day? We listed down some below.

Getting Matching Massages

Getting Matching Massages

Many of the best hotels around Manila offer great deals on their spas. In this case, if you’re looking to make the most out of your romantic hotel date with your significant other, getting matching massages with them is one good way to spend the day with one another. After all, nothing is more romantic and satisfying than a whole day of being pampered with the person you love!


Treating Your Wife to the Spa

Calling the attention of all the husbands out there: treating your wife to the spa never gets old! Besides, your wife is definitely one of the most hardworking people in your life. She makes sure that your home is as clean and as orderly as it can be, you are fed three times a day, and even helps you get ready for work on a daily basis. A day dedicated to her in the best spa hotels around will definitely extend your vacation days!

Trying Certain Spa Treatments You Have Yet to Try

Trying Certain Spa Treatments You Have Yet to Try

Whether it’s a simple massage or something more refined and extravagant like mineral baths and body scrubs, many of the best spas in the hotels around Manila offer a wide array of treatment choices for you to choose from. If you happen to feel a bit ‘adventurous,’ then why not take the opportunity to try certain treatments you have yet to try in a spa? Intrigued at the concept of Ventosa massages? Try it out! Or what about hot rock massages? There is literally nothing stopping you to try them all out!

Another great thing when it comes to this is that you can try any of them with the person you love! This is truly a date idea to treasure and relish in!

Of course, if you have some questions about the massage therapy you are interested in, you could always ask the experts that could easily assist you on the spa, itself. For sure, they also have some recommendations you will love to hear about.


Get a Treatment Designed for the both of You

There are only a few spas in the metro that could do this for you. Fortunately, the I’M Onsen Spa is conveniently located in Makati City, where it highly accessible wherever you may be staying.

In here, you could get a treatment that is specifically designed for you and for your loved one. You and your partner could get a shiatsu, an aromassage, a lymphatic drainage massage, a jet lag recovery massage (a perfect welcome treat for those who just arrived in the country), a healing stone therapy, or the I’M Onsen’s signature massage. It’s completely up to you!

Playing Romantic Music While in the Spa

Playing Romantic Music While in the Spa

Whether staying in the most luxurious hotel spas around Manila, there’s nothing better than playing romantic music when you’re in the mood for relaxation. Especially when you’re with your significant other, playing this kind of music is one way to up the romance factor a couple of notches. The more romantic the song, the more sensual the atmosphere, which is perfect for the spa you’re in.


Booking a Luxury Hotel in Manila for an Extended Stay

Of course, before you even think about enjoying a day in the spa, there’s always the matter of finding the perfect establishment for you and your significant other. With a vast array of choices of luxury hotels around Manila, booking an extended stay is sure to provide you with more opportunities for a spa day!


Key Takeaway

A day at the spa could definitely be made better with the right person. The next time you are thinking of booking a hotel for an extended stay in Manila, bring your significant other with you for a great spa day. For sure, you will both love the experience of getting pampered all day long!

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