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How to Make the Best of Your Stay in Any 5-Star Hotel in Manila

Everyone loves and deserves to stay in a luxury 5-star hotel in Manila every once in a while. The Philippines is one of the hottest destinations to go to when it comes to tourism — which is why numerous tourists from all around the world flock to the country and experience its many wonders. From frolicking around the many beaches of all 7,107 islands of the country or simply walking around various cities that are very rich in history and culture, there’s definitely a lot of limitless possibilities in the Philippines.


With that being said, why not indulge in a 5-star hotel around Manila or any other city in the country? Not only will you be able to live and be accommodated comfortably, you’ll also find that most 5-star hotels in Manila are near and convenient to many landmarks in the city. In fact, why not make the most of your stay in any of them? Before we get to that very notion, here are some things you should know about 5-star hotels in Manila:


  • 5-Star Hotels in Manila Have Been Around for Generations

Though the quality and certain features may have been different from the ones we all know and enjoy today, it is undeniable that most hotels that have been around for a long time were specters of beauty and magnificence. Back then, besides tourists and the sort, many of the country’s finest elites would come to luxury hotels around the city to relish in the riches and, of course, enjoy themselves for most of their stay. Plus, no matter what be the time period or no matter what the occasion may be, hotel pools never go out of style.


  • 5-Star Hotels in General Can be a Bit Pricey

They don’t give these kinds of hotels the 5-star rating for nothing. The thing that makes these hotels a bit steep on the wallets is that they feature a lot of amenities that are not seen in other hotels. Many of these amenities include gyms, restaurants, cafes, and lounges that cater to the hotel’s most premier members. With all that in store for everyone wishing for a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s best to save up for maximum enjoyment.


Common Features of a 5-Star Hotel

Common Features of a 5-Star Hotel


5-star hotels have given their fair share of exposure to numerous guests under their wing. The comfort that they provide is enough to entice anyone to bask in the magnificence these 5-star hotels emit. In Manila, most 5-star hotels showcase numerous features that can also be found in other 5-star hotels around Manila — with each and every one of them being subjects of maximum enjoyment from the guests that use them.


Wondering what you could find in any 5-star hotel in Manila? Here are some of the best and most common features of a 5-star hotel:


  • Pools

Let’s start with the one common feature that almost all hotels, regardless of the number of stars they have, the hotel pool. Swimming is one of everyone’s favorite past times plus a great activity to do with family and friends when it comes to vacations and staycations. Hotel pools can come in a variety of designs as well as different levels of depths. Plus, not only can you choose to enjoy being under the water for the day, you can also use a hotel pool for your own personal sunbathing purposes.


  • Gyms

Though you may be on vacation or staycation with your family and friends, keeping fit and looking your best is definitely never far behind. So, what better amenity to enjoy in a 5-star hotel than a gym? In fact, many of these gyms come equipped with numerous forms of equipment, making it easier for you to choose what kind of workout you want to do. Plus, another thing to really look forward to is the shower facilities and spa treatments that are ready to cool you down and help you relax after a particularly grueling workout session. Either way, using the gym in any 5-star hotel can be really worth it once you start to see the results — especially in times where you’re meant to enjoy yourself and indulge in anything you set your mind to.


  • Spas

Speaking of indulgence, this certain 5-star hotel feature can really give anyone the pampering they deserve. A spa can usually be seen in any 5-star hotel and can also cater to their wide array of hotel guests availing of their services. In fact, when it comes to a spa, there are numerous options and treatments you can go for — all of which can definitely leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable. With various treatments such as massages and mineral baths, every visit to the spa will leave you feeling like an entirely new and refreshed person. Another thing to consider when it comes to spas is that many of their treatments have medicinal and therapeutic benefits!


  • Shuttle Services

While this certain feature isn’t exactly limited to 5-star hotels only, shuttle services are something to look forward to with such convenience. Speaking of convenience, travel is a huge factor to consider when it comes to these as not only do we desire to get from point A to B, we also desire to do so in a quick and easy fashion. Thankfully, shuttle services are just the 5-star hotel features you’re looking for as not only can they get you from the airport to your hotel and back, but also take you to numerous sights around the city for you and your travelling companions to relish and enjoy.


How to Make the Best of Your Stay

How to Make the Best of Your Stay


Indulging in staying in any 5-star hotel in Manila is the best feeling anyone can ever experience. Think about it: you spend the majority of your days being busy with work, time with your family, and pretty much any other personal errand or task that needs to get done as soon as possible. Not only can they get a bit repetitive in terms of routine, they can also cause stress that’s far too much for anyone to handle. So, why not plan a sweet escape with any 5-star hotel in Manila? Not only will you feel like you’re in an entirely new world that’s made just for you, you can also make the best of your stay through numerous ways!


Additionally, when it comes to making the best of everything being done, people do it in a number of ways. With luxurious 5-star hotels in Manila being the subject of discussion, there is definitely a number of ways you can make the best of your stay in any of the finest 5-star hotels around the city. Here are some of the best examples you can consider when it comes to ensuring ultimate, maximum enjoyment:


  • Enjoy as Much of the Hotel’s Amenities as You Can

As mentioned before, most 5-star hotels around the country showcase numerous forms of amenities and features that are able to give any guest the pampering they deserve! So, why not take the time to enjoy any amenity being showcased in your hotel? That way, you can really get your money’s worth with much enthusiasm and excitement! Plus, again, there’s always the hotel pool nearby for you to make a literal splash in your vacation or staycation time!


  • Stay in Your Room

Whilst staying in a 5-star hotel can make things more convenient for you in the times where you want to go out and explore, laying on your bed and just relaxing is another great way for you to really make the best of your 5-star hotel experience! All you need to do is to literally lay in your bed, listen to music, or watch TV. Talk about cocooning yourself in a luxurious way!


  • Order Room Service

If you find yourself being lazy to go out and explore the nearby dining establishments around the hotel or simply being lazy to visit the hotel restaurant, why not stay in your room and order room service? It’s quick, delicious, and above all, you don’t have to leave your hotel room to make the most of your stay!


Food is one of the best indicators of a great establishment. This is why with room service being a recognizable trait in almost every hotel there is, making the best of your 5-star hotel experience this way has never been so satisfying! In fact, you can even take this opportunity to order room service for breakfast, which is great if you and a certain ‘someone’ are looking for your very own breakfast-in-bed moment.


  • Just Have Fun

Overall, making the most of your stay in any 5-star hotel in Manila can be done in numerous ways. Simply think of anything under the sun, whether it is carefully planned or just spontaneously thought about, and just do them without any moment’s hesitation. Besides, you’re on a vacation anyway! What’s stopping you from having as much fun as you want?


Why Indulge in a 5-Star Hotel?

Why Indulge in a 5-Star Hotel


There are literally a number of reasons that can help support you on whether or not to indulge in a 5-star hotel every once in a while. Sure, as mentioned before, 5-star hotels around the city can be pretty pricey ones to deal with — at times where we all reach the point where we start to have second thoughts on indulgence. While that may be the case, it doesn’t have to be as it is for a long time. Think of it this way: after completing everything that needs to be accomplished, staying in any 5-star hotel around Manila is a great way to reward yourself for all the copious amounts of hard work you’ve put in.


In addition, another thing to note on this is that indulging in any 5-star hotel can be a great way to bond with your family, friends, and colleagues. The amount of fun that you can spend with them is memorable enough! Truly, indulging in any 5-star hotel is a great memory that you can look back to – with numerous pictures you’ve taken and the various memories you have made.


What Hotel Should You Book?

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