Family Activities You Can Do In A Hotel In Makati

Today, there are plenty of hotel options. Unfortunately, having plenty of options does not necessarily make it easier for you to choose which hotels you would be temporarily residing in, particularly if they have similar offers with one another—much like the several hotels in Makati that have comparable amenities.

For indecisive people, the first step in the choosing process is to narrow down the area of preference. From that point on, you should compare and contrast the services, rates, and amenities of these hotels. While doing so, make sure to consider which one fits your requirements as a hotel guest. By doing this, you are initially guaranteeing your satisfaction as customer since the money that you will be shelling out for the stay will be spent on amenities and services that you fancy.

Despite the various amenities that hotels offer, on some occasions, there will still be instances wherein you will find nothing to do inside the hotel. Children are especially bored if a hotel does not have a pool and tend to throw tantrums while their mothers are relaxing in the hotel’s spa.

In case you are checked-in a hotel in Makati and need some suggestions for activities, then read on.

This article will list down traditional and unusual activities that can be done both by children and adults inside a hotel.

For those who are interested in booking a room at a hotel in Makati, a little trivia about the hotels in the area are included.


What Typical Activities can You Do in a Hotel?



Even though hotels have varying themes and different amenities to offer, there are several activities that most people can do in almost all hotels. To name a few, here are some typical hotel activities you may want to try out the next time that you check-in at a hotel.

Relax for Hours – After a whole day of sightseeing and walking around, you are bound to feel exhausted and drained; sleep is surely on top of your to-do list at that time.

Even people who are not traveling opt to book an overnight stay due to the extreme comfort and perfect ambiance hotels have for sleeping and relaxing. Your hotel room is very likely provided with soft mattresses, fresh linens, and cool temperature that most 5-star hotels in Manila provide for their guests.

Just make sure to book a room that is far away from other amenities like the pool, bar, and restaurants, because these are the areas of a hotel where plenty of guests gather and generate noise. By doing so, the exterior noise from those areas will not penetrate through the walls.

Swim in the Pool – Most hotels have a swimming pool (both for adults and children) to provide more ways for their customers to unwind and also for the enjoyment for the little ones.

For kids, the pool will be the highlight of their stay as they splash around the water from morning till late afternoon, make sure to join them in this activity that will certainly be a memorable experience for them.

Start a Self-Pampering Session:  Just like the scenes in the movies where ladies walk around their hotel room in their fluffy bathrobe with a sheet mask on, you can do that as well. For added relaxation, have a long warm bath in the tub.

Watch a Movie or Read a Book: After a de-stressing soak in the bathtub, continue your relaxation session by watching your favorite movie or read a book that you haven’t gotten back to. A peaceful hotel room combined with a soft and comfortable bed and cool environment as an added bonus creates the perfect setting for watching a movie or reading a book.

Have a Spa Treatment:  Some hotels provide spa treatments for their guests. If you want maximum relaxation during your stay at the hotel, try booking a session. A massage, a facial, or even a few minutes in the sauna can relax your tired body and refresh your spirit.


Unusual Activities to do in a hotel

Just because the hotel has several amenities for recreational activities, that does not automatically mean that you should stick to those activities only. For an atypical yet fun time at your hotel, here are some uncommon activities you can do to pass the time.

Pillow Fight – This may be a classic game for sleepovers, but there’s no rule that says you can’t do it in your hotel room, right?

Pick up some soft and fluffy pillows, and then start hitting your companions! Do make sure that you won’t hit them too hard that they would develop a concussion.

Also, do keep in mind to go easy on the little ones. Hit them hard, and they might fly away with the pillow.

Steam Drawing – Most of the time, hotel guests opt for hot and steamy baths which results in moisture in the mirrors and shower doors.

The children (and even a few adults) are surely itching to draw some random figures on the frosty looking moisture. Let those kids (and kids at heart) get creative and see what works of art they might achieve.

Write Letters – The majority of hotels in Manila, Philippines have notepads in each of the rooms that often go untouched. One good use of these writing equipment is to have the kids write positive letters for the hotel staffs. This activity is like hitting two birds with one stone, you get to uplift the spirits of the staff and teach the kids to be appreciative at the same time.

Scavenger/Treasure Hunt – A scavenger or treasure hunt is sure to keep the kids  entertained and occupied. To make the game more exciting, divide the kids into at least two groups, and see who finishes first.

Make sure to place the “treasures” only in areas where guests are allowed. And for the safety of the children, have an adult accompany each team.

Build a Blanket Fort – Here is another slumber party classic that will never get old and will surely be enjoyed by the kids. Story telling time is perfect when done inside the fort. Plus, the little ones get to be creative with their construction.

Ninja Race Tag – This is certainly a fun way to keep the little ones entertained without making much noise since ninjas are supposed to maneuver in hushed movements.

The rules are simple: The players must race to the other end of the hall without uttering a sound while also not being seen.

Keep in mind that Ninja Race Tag can also be played by adults, not just by the kids.

This game is sure to give the players a good time and plenty of laughs.

Shoe Color Count – While waiting to be checked in or checked out in the lobby, have the kids count how many pairs of shoes have the same color. This ought to keep the kids occupied as they stand by.


What are the Distinct Characteristics of the Hotels in Makati



The hotels in different cities have their own specialty and the same goes for the hotels in Makati. Several hotels in the city have common traits that are sure to make choosing a hotel in the area a bit difficult. Listed below are characteristics that the hotels in the city have in common.

Accessible to the Airport: If you have a flight to catch and need to easily reach the airport, then staying at a hotel in Makati can lessen your travel time to and from the airport. Ninoy Aquino International Airport is just a stone-throw away from most hotels and only takes 30 minutes of driving for you to reach it.

Accessible to Shopping Areas: One of the things that Makati is known for are the various shopping districts in the city that can cater to the needs (and wants) of the most frugal, or even the most high-maintenance guest. That’s why, if you ever book a hotel in Makati, there is a big chance that you will be staying at a place near a shopping mall.

If you’re a tourist in the area, there is no need to scour other places for a souvenir, because it’s surely available in the shops around the area.

Impeccable Spa Services: If you ever checked-in a hotel in Makati and you feel like you need a little TLC (tender loving care), look no further. Just book an appointment at the hotel spa. You don’t have to worry about the quality of service because the spa treatments at the hotels in the city are top-notch.

The spas at the hotels in Makati guarantee that their services can provide maximum relaxation.

Their services are not the only one with superior quality, but also their spa facilities that provide extremely calm and serene vibe, that is perfect for rejuvenating the body and the spirit. These facilities include exquisite massage rooms and ethereal sauna rooms.

Excellent Gym Facilities: Nowadays, even hotels have gym facilities for their guests, who want to keep up with their fitness routine. What’s even better is that the equipment available for the guest does not come short of a regular well-functioning gym.

Whether you need a treadmill, some weights, or even a yoga ball, you can count on the hotels in Makati to have one.

Close to Entertainment Areas: The hotels in Makati are not only near shopping malls in the city, but they are also in close proximity to a museum that features modern arts.

Also, your nights will be long since there are a great number of restaurants and bars nearby.


A Brief Summary of the Things You can Do in Hotels in Makati

When booking a hotel in Makati, there are a number of traditional hotel activities that you can do. First is to relax till your heart’s content on the extremely comfortable and fluffy bed. You can also maximize your bonding time with the family, swim and splash around with the little ones at the hotel pool. Plus, you can have some “me time” and pamper yourself with a steamy hot bath; or you could instantly proceed to the hotel’s spa. To further unwind, you can watch a movie or read a book in the comfort of your very own hotel room.

If you want an unusual yet fun hotel experience, you can play ninja race tag or make a scavenger for your companions (both kids and adults can participate). Support their creative side by letting them draw figures on the moisture that formed on the shower doors. For a traditional activity, build blanket forts or have pillow fights. To teach the children the good values, have them write letters to the hotel staff that assisted your group during your stay. Lastly, playing “Shoe Color Count” will surely keep the kids occupied during your check-in or checkout.

If you have stayed in several hotels in Makati, you might notice that these hotels have similar features. Despite the massive geographical size of Makati, the hotels in the city are conveniently close to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is a bonus for guests who have a flight to catch. Due to Makati’s nature as a cosmopolitan city, it is no surprise that the hotels in the city are accessible to shopping malls, bars, restaurants, and even several museums. Most hotels in the area have exquisite spa facilities and provide excellent spa services, which is perfect for travelers or those who are having their staycation. For hotel guests who are very particular with their physique and do not want to break their routine, these hotels also have state-of-the-art gym equipment.


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