Filipino Hospitality The Tropical Luxury of Hotels in Manila, Philippines

Filipino Hospitality: The Tropical Luxury of Hotels in Manila, Philippines

The Philippines is known as the ‘Pearl of The Orient.’  For many centuries, people across the globe have travelled to stay in a hotel in Manila, Philippines mainly for economic and agricultural reasons. However, to this day, many travelers find themselves constantly returning and even settling because of a certain indescribable mystique that warms the soul. After reading this article, you’ll find yourself speculating on how a single nation’s cumulative joie de vivre can leave your heart on a completely traverse mode of gleeful adventure.  

If you’ve never travelled to Manila and if you find yourself wondering whether or not it’s worth it to make the trip, then you might want to see what the place is all about; if you have the capacity to do so, you should buy that ticket, get on that plane, and find yourself a place to stay at one of the many gorgeously posh hotels in Manila, Philippines. If you HAVE travelled to Manila, whether for business purposes or leisure, besides the embroidered local tourism standard, there are most likely a lot of things you missed out on or were never even aware of. Time and time again, the authenticity of local milieus have more and more garnered a genuinely inviting allure for those visiting.   

In these times, it’s becoming really apparent that the hospitality industry in the Philippines is growing at exponential rates. In the business world, many comprehensive explorations have been conducted as to shed light on the ostensibly essential insights that continue to propel the hotel market and its connective tissue.

When it boils right down to it, there’s just something invitingly playful in the tropical breeze. Travelling to Manila and experiencing life through tourism elevates one’s understanding of the country’s electric roots. This little group of islands in the Southeast Asian sphere exudes a distinctly rich culture with a colorfully diverse palate of everyday life. There’s a striking sense of life imbued within the local culture—a contagiously wondrous quaintness that breathes a certain energy seeped from its tribal roots.

In this little corner of the world, both locals and foreigners always find themselves intertwined in their entranced state of indulgence. There’s something about the tropical climate that just gets the juices flowing. Get a keen sense of how the Philippines keeps up with the rest of the globe and find yourself immersed in an eclectic range of ancestral heritage; a strong Spanish influence is almost impossible to not be felt.

The sun kissed images painted by colorful local scenery creates breathtakingly picturesque memories of a lifetime. You find yourself encompassed by the entire populace and their graces. Let yourself be taken in by the calm of the pacific waters. There’s an overwhelmingly charming etherealness to the easy-going everyday aesthetic beauty that is distinctly Manila.


Filipino Hospitality

Filipino Hospitality


There are many reasons behind the current flourishing of the Philippine hotel industry.  As previously mentioned, hotels in Manila, Philippines are boisterously thriving in the local economy; boosting tourism levels and making big marks on the world market. More and more hands are shaking, more global tycoons are making their way, more globe trotters are backpacking their way through, more families are satisfying their cross continental sense of adventure, more couples are honeymooning it up, and more and more locals are inciting their grass roots pride with a growing love for the motherland.

When it comes to the highest standards for luxury hotels, literally every punctilious detail that goes in and out of the operation makes or breaks an establishment. Luxury is NOT wealth porn; true luxury is what is underneath the surface’s glitz and glamour.

What really sets luxury hotels in Manila, Philippines apart from those of any other place in the world is the service. The well-trained men and women embody and conform to the world’s highest standards of hotel accommodation. But what gives their service such a unique, world renowned, and heartwarming touch is the display and application of characteristics built from core Filipino values.

A distinct brand of hospitality is at the epicenter of all hotels in Manila, Philippines. Many of the local customs that reflect instilled virtues have been ingrained in the cultural zeitgeist. The quality of service brought about by Filipinos are usually found to be quite refreshing, everything from how you’re greeted upon arrival to a bid adieu when you leave.   

Filipinos express immense enthusiasm when it comes to friendship because of being generally and genuinely happy people. Whether local or foreign, it is always made sure that guests feel like absolute royalty. Making it a point to make guest feel at home has always been a customary duty. There’s an evident social cue that transpires every time you expectedly or unexpectedly enter somebody’s home: you will always be warmly greeted and enthusiastically bombarded with the question “Have you eaten?”. It is then made a point that the host smilingly presents and offers whatever food there is in the home to the guest.   


Luxurious Hotels within a Tropical Haven

There’s absolutely nothing like the hotels in Manila, when one is in the Philippines; a special brand of luxury that makes for one of the best showcasing dynamics of Southeast Asian elegance. Many of the country’s most luxurious hotel establishments are thoughtfully located in the heart of the metro’s major centers for commerce.

Blended with the modern wonders of the Manila skyline are these luxuriously chic hotels. These contemporary structures have been ingeniously designed by the world’s most renowned architects, the rooms furnished with the masterful touch of the leading artists in interior design. There’s a synthesized beauty in the mixture of the modern luxury design of a Manila hotel in relation to the cities pacific geography and tropical clime. The prominent plant life juxtaposed the highest quality marble just oozes an organic permeation of style.

The bright sun shimmering from its radiant reflection on the waters of the brilliantly designed swimming pool, the detoxifying cool of the humid airs eases your soul as you go relax in the hotel lounge. Just outside the hotels are the most interesting spots in Manila locale. If you have the time and means for quick transportation, then a casual trip to one of the many beautiful beaches will give you that outskirts feel of the naturalism in Filipino tropical lifestyle. If you’re searching for a breezier taste of just outside the city life in the more elevated hills that just briefly extended beyond the metro’s suburbs, then go for a drive to the hills of Tagaytay and wander the overlooking establishments that are just above Taal Lake for a calmingly solemn sight to behold.   


Get a Taste of the Culture

Get a Taste of the Culture


Around the streets and corners of the metro, there’s already a ton to experience in terms of cultural sights of the everyday minutiae. However, whichever place you’re staying in one of the many hotels in Manila, here in the Philippines, make it a point to seek out landmark places where you can experience a historically significant mélange of sights and sounds. Set yourself on a quest with a spirit full of romanticism for stories of life. Get a good grasp of the country’s majestic evolution.  

Visit the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines). It is the country’s central institution for exhibition and preservation of arts and culture, as well as the home for commissions of Philippine cultural research. The vicinities around the CCP Complex alone are an incomparable delight to take a stroll around. Located right by Manila Bay, the calming sea breeze and iconic sunset are one of the world’s most humble gems.  

Right by Greenbelt Mall is the Ayala Museum. This monumental private museum is an incredibly polished hub for exhibitions on ethnographical affairs and archeological discoveries in juncture to Filipino Culture and Art.

You may also visit the many churches around Old Manila and the areas of Intramuros for the timeless architectures and very much long-standing overall aesthetic of the Spanish colonial era. Close to that area is Metro Manila’s Binondo Chinatown, for a peek inside one of the Philippines’ most tightly knit communities.  


Dive into a Wide Array of Lifestyle and Food

Around the hotels in Manila, here in the Philippines are a magnanimous amount of venues and activities to indulge in and fill your adventurous heart with utter glee. Surrounding the metro are the most upscale restaurants that serve only the most artisan of fusion dishes prepared by both local and internationally esteemed chefs. Conversely, and quite delightfully, around the little pockets of the Manila streets are some of the quaintest of food eateries that serve only the finest in local and native delicacies prepared with such an authentic Filipino street gusteau.

If you’re interested in diving into more activities that send awestruck signals of excitement, getting seats to a PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) at the Mall of Asia Arena is quite the blood pumping experience that throws you right into the collective Filipino consciousness through an unequivocally animated audience of bloodthirsty fans.

Just nearby the Mall of Asia Arena is Manila’s Ocean Park. If you’re with your family, your kids are sure to love all the wonderful sea creatures, especially the ones that are very much exclusive to the waters of the southeast hemisphere. These magnificent creatures aren’t just for the kids to enjoy, seeing these marvels of the natural world for your own eyes fill your heart with adventure, regardless of age.


Shop your Heart Out

Shop your Heart Out


Traveling (especially for leisure) often entails at least a decent portion of your time dedicated to shopping. Close to many of the hotels in Makati and Manila are some of Southeast Asia’s most esteemed malls. Literally, a few walks away from the most luxurious hotels in the metro are world-class shopping centers that carry the most internationally stylish and classic brands. The widely known Greenbelt Malls located in the heart of Makati resonate as the country’s forefront in the experience of an upscale shopping experience.

Tiendesitas shopping complex in along C5 road in Pasig city provides for a more local taste of a shopping experience. The place focuses on the many bests of Filipino products and is divided into sectors of handicrafts, fashion, novelties, furniture, antiques, etc.   

Deep in the mesmerizingly mysterious trenches of Metro Manila are markets that mainly offer one-of-a-kind items that are going to be good souvenirs. These places like Divisoria and Quiapo are the epitomes of the everyday urban Manila street life hustle and bustle.


Experience the Prodigious Nightlife

When the glorious sunset hits on the magnificent coast of Manila Bay, the bright sun’s smile settles and the sky darkens, but not the overall energy. There’s a prolific nightlife and zest for partying imbued within the heart of the Philippine metropolis (or any corner of the country for that matter) that mesmerizes and excites those with a hankering for letting loose.    

Evening affairs are never a static moment when you find yourself floating across Manila’s urban landscape. Right from the moment guests step out of their hotels here in Manila, Philippines. Around the cosmopolitan centers of Makati and Fort Bonifacio Global City are some of the hippest bars and night clubs with the hottest in the wide ranges of dance music. All over Manila are also some of the grandest casinos.


What I’M Hotel can Offer You

If at any point you find yourself in search of a 5 star hotel in Manila, here in the Philippines. I’M Hotel is an ideal place to check-in to. This luxurious establishment is located along Makati Avenue, and is strategically and conveniently placed at the heart and accessibility of all the major districts that have been mentioned in this article.

Makati is the Philippines’ primary center for commerce, which makes I’M Hotel an exemplary choice for matters concerning metropolitan business related visits. Home to the largest urban spa and first Onsen Spa in Manila, the accumulative 5 star amenities and opulently offered dining experiences are unmistakably lavish.

Whether you’re a local or a foreigner, with a partner or with a group, by yourself or with your family, I’M Hotel exceptionally caters to the luxury of any demographic of guest. Click here for bookings and reservations!