Why I’m Hotel in Manila Ranks Alongside Some of the Best in Asia Posted By: on March 28th, 2018

What are the major factors that make I’M Hotel one of the best luxury hotels in Asia?

  1. Its distinct style and charm
  2. Its strategic location
  3. The Onsen Spa’s signature flourishes
  4. It showcases only the best of Filipino hospitality


Asia is filled with an abundance of culture and beauty. Each country and region has its own prestigious myriad of sights, sounds, smells, and atmosphere. Southeast Asia alone accumulates millions of giddy tourist in search of adventure, exoticism, and a one-of-a-kind experience. 5-star hotels in Manila are incredibly unique establishments that fully embrace a world-class opulence imbued with Filipino luxury. Throughout the years, the standards for tropical grandeur are continuing to be raised by the leading figures of the hospitality industries in the Philippines.

The Pacific sunset on the waters of Manila Bay is one of the most picturesque views that are most ideally spent lounging by the pools in Makati hotels. The radiating warmth of the tropical sun fills one’s soul with a zest for life. I’M Hotel knows exactly how to exceed their guest’s expectations.

Here is an overview of what makes I’M Hotel one of the best in Asia:

Distinct Style and Charm

Distinct Style and Charm

A façade speaks volumes. Although it is a wise sentiment to never base a fully realized judgment purely on surface level intrigue, in the case of the hotel industry, initial impressions are make-or-break, and this aspect should be given as much care and love as the hotel’s visionary epicenter.

I’M Hotel attributes their prestigious reputation to creating and cultivating memorable experiences for the wide range of their clientele. A luminary display of historical authenticity and integrity to the home country’s rich history has always been a landmark in the hotel industry. Blending cultural heritage and the core values of functionality perfectly exhibit a certain Je ne sais qois that world luxury travelers oh so crave for. This principle extends to the splendor subtly harnessed when dining or splurging in the lounge.

The Infinity Pool is one of the most masterfully crafted swimming pools in the world. Its breathtaking modernity is gracefully exemplified in I’M Hotel.


Located in the Heart of Metro Manila’s Central Business District

If you are traveling to Manila for business purposes, I’M Hotel is arguably the luxury hotel with the most optimal location. Located along Makati Avenue, the hotel premises are a stone’s throw away from Metro Manila’s most integral centers for commerce.

Whether taking a trip for business or pleasure, I’M Hotel is within close range to some of Metro Manila’s major tourist locales and markets. Let your playful spirit have an adventure when you wander through the charming streets of Makati. There is a wondrous feeling of glee that takes hold from taking a simple stroll. Around the area of I’M Hotel are some of Manila’s greatest nightlife spots, clubs, restaurants, and casinos for you to have an excellent time at.

The Signature Flourishes of the Onsen Spa

The Signature Flourishes of the Onsen Spa

I’M Hotel is known for being prestigiously nominated for Best Urban Hotel in the ASIA SPA AWARDS 2017. The iconic Onsen Spa provides only the highest standards of quality and pampering. Refined levels of relaxation are perfectly executed with the facilities and different treatments.

The ancient art of Onsen is historically significant in its healing qualities. The hot springs of I’M Hotel’s Onsen Spa sooth the spirit of each guest with the healthiest of Japanese minerals. A visit to the Onsen Spa elevates relaxation levels to their most peaceful peaks. Onsen baths promote an overall therapeutic wellness with only the finest technology and methodologies of the orient.

The Carbonated Bath improves blood circulation, and taking a dip in the Mineral Bath or Ceramic Bath gives one silky soft and revitalized skin.


Filipino Hospitality

True elegance in everyday hotel operations means transcending the mere façade; no matter how pretty you design everything, how a guest feels about their stay dictates lodging success. One of the major marks for a luxury hotel’s rating is a meticulous examination of their customer services. I’M Hotel’s well-trained personnel have finely mastered the craft of hospitality.

You get an undeniable impression that you are accommodated with the best of care. Culturally speaking, Filipinos make an incredible effort into making their guests feel at home. I’M Hotel always goes beyond standard procedure and takes that extra step as to treating their guests like absolute royalty.

It should also be noted that I’M Hotel’s staff are some of the most efficient in Metro Manila. The service provided assures that guests have the most stress-free time in terms of booking, checking-in, checking-out, and making arrangements.


Key Takeaway

The Philippines is hailed as the Pearl of the Orient. At I’M Hotel’s core is the spirit of luxury that best represents 5-star hotels in Manila. There are quite a number of hotels in Makati with a pool, but there is absolutely nothing quite like the I’M Hotel’s acrylic-bottomed Infinity Pool. Words are not enough to describe how much of a beautiful, magnificent, and profound experience it is to simply sit by I’M Hotel’s top-of-the-line facilities and bask in the glorious skylines of Makati.

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