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In the heart of Makati, is a relatively new establishment that not only challenges; but also takes 5-star luxury standards to higher levels of refinement. I’M Hotel is a brilliant escapade in the prodigiousness of city life that somehow blends international tastes of elegance with the unmistakable roots of Metro Manila. The services and amenities of I’M Hotel are distinct in their originality, and extrapolate a memorable sense of grandeur that elevates pre-conceived notions of what 5-star hotels in Manila are capable of offering.

But what is it exactly like to have your heart and soul tantalized by the best of what Makati has to offer? I’M Hotel permeates an indescribable timelessness to it that encapsulates the Filipino spirit of tropical Ritz. We spoke with a few key voices and influencers in the Blogging sphere, in order to really get a good grasp on what all the fuss surrounding I’M Hotel is all about.



Franco Ayson_pool

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I’M Hotel’s devilishly stylish see-through pool fills one’s heart with utter glee. It has also been designed as an infinity pool with an acrylic bottom—making it as inviting as possible to guests, who just entered the hotel’s vicinity. You could say that it serves as an interactive medium between those people and the ones who are already swimming in leisure.

The incredible mix of highly artisan designs astoundingly takes flight through the glass pool. It’s such an amazing combination to behold when the nuanced interiors are juxtaposed with the shining skies reflecting on the pool’s serene waters. Apart from that, while relaxing in this pool, you will also enjoy the amazing view of the Makati skyline.

If you prefer sunbathing to swimming, you could relax on one of the lounging beds, which have been positioned on an elevated platform—perfect for people-watching.


Onsen Spa

Norman Tinio_Onsen-Spa

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The Onsen Spa radiates a cool and convenient energy for any guest that cares to indulge themselves in the wonderful services. It is ideal for couples that just want to relax and get pampered to their heart’s desire. In fact, it has a designated couple rooms for them so they can have a bit of privacy from the rest of the guests. Apart from that, they could also take advantage of the different amenities, such as the steam rooms, the en suite Jacuzzis, as well as the VIP or the executive rooms.

The overall feeling of relaxation is amplified by a certain elegant and chic vibe that functions on the same paralleling plane of world class splendor. The spacious design is culminated with a unique flavor that calms and eases.

The Onsen Spa also features a state-of-the-art carbonated bath that has the unique technology that Japan has developed over time. You’ll also be glad to know that they have lounges, where you can simply relax in. Its packages are also inclusive of lunch or dinner buffet—helmed by the celebrated Chef King Fonacier.

There is absolutely no doubt that you’re going to have an amazing experience here!


Bar and Lounge

Jonas Roque_Bar-and-Lounge

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The Antidote bar is located in the hotel’s rooftop lounge. Its vibe is rich in playfulness with their bird cage-like pieces of outdoor furniture. Furthermore, it offers a killer view through it’s laid-back but spectacular layout—allowing you to see the city’s skyline in a 360-degree fashion. There’s also the jellyfish aquarium for your eyes to feast on.

Those who indulges in cocktails and spirits will also be glad to know that I’M Hotel’s bar and lounge have coordinated with Bar Mace’s chief bartender. For those who do not know, Bar Mace has been included in the top 50 bars in the world. The drinks being provided here are both classic and modern. If you are unsure what to order or if you want something that could surprise you delightfully, you could ask the bartenders’ suggestion on what concoction could help you unwind after a long day.

The Antidote’s kitchen is also full of delights. Some of the items on their menu include Shellfish, Mozarella Jalapeno Cigars, Kueh Pie Tee, Dragon Nigiri Brulee, Baby Squid,  Antidote Anti-Pasti, and the Earl Grey Lemon Sultana Brioche—all of which could make your mouths water!



Anton Diaz_buffet

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Guests, who have checked-in to I’M Hotel, can enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet in one of the hotel’s restaurant: Bloom. It’s a buffet-type restaurant, so you can literally stuff yourself to your heart’s content. The menu being offered here is a mix of Filipino and foreign goods, which are made from seasonal ingredients to guarantee that all their foods are fresh! This will surely get you through the rest of the day. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

However, if you do find yourself being hungry midday, you can always come back here. Bloom has an all-day buffet that you can take advantage of. But if you are looking for something else, you can always venture to Empress Jade, instead.

Empress Jade is another restaurant in the hotel. It offers mouth-watering Oriental food items like an array of dim sums and Min Kee’s Signature Singapore Triple-Cooked King Crab. Or if you prefer local flavors, you can also head to the rooftop to order tapa from the Antidote.


Rooms and Service

Jaey Silva_Rooms-And-Services

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When it comes to the rooms, the best word to describe them is: Cozy. For many locals, I’M Hotel definitely feels like a home away from home; bound with only the best in essential resources and appliances.

The radiance of the magnificent Makati Skyline makes for the perfect staycation. Whether you look outside or inside, everything you set sight on within the parameters of I’M Hotel is absolute eye candy. You can call this place Makati’s un-hidden gem!

Topping things off with excellent service, the flawlessness of I’M Hotel sets the bar of its sensational appeal within the heart of Manila’s Central Business District. You will never feel cramped with the luxurious comfort I’M Hotel has to provide.


Key Takeaway

After having just gone through the sentiments of some of Manila’s most prolific travel and lifestyle bloggers, it’s evident that there’s a newly found magic that I’M Hotel is sending out within the soul of Makati. Everything from the rooms to each facet of every amenity has a mystique that charms even some of Manila’s most critical and well-traveled blog influencers.

There’s clearly an incomparable world class aesthetic to I’M Hotel that breathes life into each guest. I’M Hotel is definitely a glowing jewel within Metro Manila that you must experience for yourself.


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