Impress Your Valentine with these Date Ideas at I’M Hotel Posted By: on February 8th, 2018

What are some fabulous ideas that are sure to make your Valentine’s Day at I’M Hotel one to remember?

  1. Indulge with your partner in everything the couple package has to offer.
  2. Cherish the love between you and your family by having a mini hotel vacation.
  3. Spend a lovely evening having dinner at the breathtaking rooftop bar.
  4. Have a relaxing day full of love at the Onsen Spa.


Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, and it’s a special time not just for couples but for everybody in general. It’s a day where we celebrate both love and life. There are many great ideas that fuel the romance surrounding Valentine’s Day, but one of the most ideal ventures is to seek out one of the serviced apartments in Manila.

Regardless if there’s a special occasion like Valentine’s Day coming up or just another weekend, absolutely nothing beats bringing a date to one of the many luxury hotels in Manila. I’M Hotel offers a variety of packages this Valentine’s season for you and all your loved ones to have an exciting but at the same time peaceful experience. Fill you and your significant other’s heart with complete and utter glee by seizing the devilishly brilliant ideas I’M Hotel has in store for you to really send radiant waves of romance all over the airs of Metro Manila.

Here are the special spectacles that I’M Hotel has in store for you and your Valentine’s Day escapade:

Couple’s Suite

Couple’s Suite

First and foremost, you and your partner will be incredibly smitten by the breakfast buffet perfect for 2 bedazzled adults completely in love. You’ll be welcomed with a top of the line mini bar that contains the best drinks for you and your partner to just splurge out and unwind.

There’s absolutely no comparing to I’M Hotel’s signature Valentines edition cocktails and desserts catering specifically to the just as sweet heartstrings of their guests. Have you and your significant other’s souls romantically intertwined by spending some time at the incomparable Onsen Spa—feel both of your stresses melt away into untraceable vapor by going for a relaxing steam in the beautiful sauna.

Don’t forget to take your partner to the I’M Hotel gym for a quick bonding session workout that will keep you two love birds closer than ever. After your workout, take a dip in the awe-inspiring Infinity Pool. Finally, wrap the enchanting day up with a stay at the I’M Hotel Club and Lounge to really tie everything together with you and your partner nestled up under the smiling night sky.

A Family Valentines

A Family Valentines

I’M Hotel has a nice treat for those looking to spend Valentine’s Day together with their family. Have you and your kids bask in the love of each other’s company in one of I’M Hotel’s comfy 2 bedroom suites. Enjoy a family meal together with a breakfast buffet followed by some down time with your kids at the Mermaid Pool Bar.

I’M Hotel also offers a loving Valentines gift for you and your family by sending you out on a trip to the iconic Manila Ocean Park! You and your kids will have so much exciting fun visiting the Oceanarium, as you spark a sense of adventurous delight checking out the Sharks and Rays dry encounter, the giddiness of the Fish Spa, the enchantment of the Sealion Show, the wow-factors of the Jellies Exhibit, the coolness of the Birds of Prey Kingdom, and the exciting spectacle of the Penguin Talk.

Don’t forget to play with your kids in I’M Hotel’s Infinity Pool! While your kids are busy going for a swim, you and your partner could relax and unwind at I’M Hotel’s exceptional Club Lounge. The complimentary Wi-Fi access also ensures that you share your wonderful experience with all your friends through social media.

A Dinner Date at Antidote

A Dinner Date at Antidote

Set you and your partner’s hearts aflutter by going to a lovely dinner at I’M Hotel’s rooftop Antidote Bar and Restaurant. Feel the romance send sparks under the beautiful stars as you and your partner view the magnificent Makati skyline.

Have your taste buds treated with a 4 course dinner by I’M Hotel’s world class executive chef. You and your partner will surely have your senses enhanced as you sit by the country’s only jellyfish rooftop bar. Overviewing Makati during a special evening is certainly something out of this world. Top it all off with some heart melting acoustic music and I’M Hotel’s impressively prepared cocktails, and you’ll have a Valentine’s date of a lifetime.

Unwind in the Onsen Spa

Unwind in the Onsen Spa

I’M Hotel also has special packages this season for you and your friends! The Peer Pleasure Spa promo comes with an amazing buffet for you and your friends to pig out on together. In the spapary, treat yourselves to a one-of-a-kind Chocolate body scrub. You and your friends have been through some challenging times together, and a great way to celebrate your friendship is to go for an Aromassage and Japanese Facial.

Enjoy the VIP suite with the steam and sauna room. You and your partner could seize the Valentine’s Day spirit together by going for a soak in the Private steam shower. I’M Hotel also provides a special Valentines gift for the ladies.

Feel all your troubles wash away with free-flowing wellness tea in the Relaxation Lounge. After a visit to the Wellness Suite, a nice way to wrap everything up is to enjoy the buffet lunch or dinner.

If you’re looking to spend Valentine’s Day getting away from it all, I’M Hotel has you covered. Pamper yourself to your heart’s desire with the luxurious solitude I’M Hotel has to offer. Get one of I’M Hotel’s Signature Massages followed by a Shiatsu Aromassage Lymphatic Drainage Massage—another brilliant alternative is the Jet Lag Recovery Massage.


Key Takeaway

Spending Valentine’s Day at one of the luxury hotels or serviced apartments in Manila is definitely an idea worth pursuing for you and your significant others. I’M Hotel knows exactly how to make your incoming Valentines a special one!

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