All You Need to Know about the Serviced Apartments in Manila

All You Need to Know about the Serviced Apartments in Manila

If you’re stumped on which hotel or lodging to choose during your stay in Manila, then serviced apartments might be the perfect choice for you.

If it’s your first time stepping inside Manila, it’s easy to get confused. After all, the capital is a bustling and thriving place, constantly vibrating with energy. Its thick crowd of people and endless stream of vehicles—needless to say—can be overwhelming for some.

Plus, it has tons of hotels and accommodations sprawled all over the metropolis. How on earth will you be able to find that perfect place during your stay here, especially when all of them are promising to have the best services?

When visiting places for the first time, your initial thought would probably be to book a room in some hotels in Makati or Manila. However, you should know that there’s another option available for you—that is, to opt for one of the serviced apartments in Manila.

If you want to know more about this type of lodging, then you’ve come at the right place.  

This post will tell you all you need to know about the serviced apartments in Manila.


What are serviced apartments?

What are serviced apartments


For many, serviced apartments seem like a novel and foreign concept. In fact, it’s possible that this is the first time you’re hearing about it. After all, this might have less prominence for those who aren’t a part of corporate companies offering business travel opportunities.

But serviced apartments have been around for much longer than what you might think. They’ve been providing exemplary service and accommodation to several people for more than a decade. They guarantee to make your stay in your chosen location, cozy and relaxing—just like what hotels do.

In essence, a serviced apartment refers to a furnished apartment that can be booked for a short period, or even for a much longer one. Because of that, this sort of lodging is often a preference of business officials, students or employees in training, and travelers or families indulging in an extended vacation.

It is fully furnished with the basic amenities that you’ll need to make your everyday stay comfortable, such as your own kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms.

Are you planning to stay in a certain place for a week or more? After an exhausting day of strolling around the metro, marveling at the sights presented by the cityscape, or sampling its vast array of gastronomic offerings, of course you’ll want somewhere warm to go home to.

This is the experience that a serviced apartment can grant you. That is, even though you’re hundreds—or thousands—of miles away from your residence, you’ll still have a place you can call home, even for a while. This consequently allows you to experience living like a local.

As a tourist, you want your vacation to be comfortable 24/7. You want it to be enjoyable even while you’re resting or prepping for your day—the fun shouldn’t just begin when you’re already about to embark on a travel adventure. It should start the moment you open your eyes. And since serviced apartments will serve as your secondary dwelling, then it ensures to do just that.


How are serviced apartments different from hotels?

You’ve probably already discerned the most basic trait that distinguishes a serviced apartment from a hotel. That is, the set-up. A serviced apartment is literally an apartment in the truest sense of the word, with the snug sensation of “home” that a hotel might not be able to give off.

But aside from this, you might be thinking: but it sounds exactly just like a hotel! However, you’re mistaken and the differences between them are actually immense. Listed below are some of these.


  • Fewer attendants. In a serviced apartment, you’ll find less hotel attendants fussing over you, and you will have to take care of most things by yourself. After all, you don’t have any doormen, bellhops, or valet at your disposal.

This is a perfect arrangement for those who are more self-sufficient, and those who may find the constant presence of attendants somewhat unnerving.

If it’s your first time staying in a serviced apartment, then it’s best that you inquire about the amenities and services included in the package.


  • No room service. Because of that unwritten code of “self-sufficiency,” this lodging usually doesn’t come with a room service.

They’re branded an “apartment” for a reason. In fact, it’s best if you keep that in mind to prompt yourself that you’re not in a hotel.

See it the way you’d see a typical apartment—that is, you’re renting the whole place for a specific period, which means that you’re pretty much on your own. And there’s no room service to turn to when you suddenly become hungry—you need to buy or cook your own meals.


  • Bring your own toiletries. This might come as a surprise to many. After all, you might have grown accustomed to using the hotel’s bathroom, filled with their signature shampoos, soaps, lotions, and so on. This won’t happen in a serviced apartment, and you’re free to choose your own personal shampoo than some product you’re not familiar with.


  • Space and privacy. Hotels in Manila, Philippines are normally comprised of a TV, a bed, a bathroom, and so on. Just the barest essentials that will help you get through the day.

Serviced apartments, on the other hand, offer a lot more. It’s precisely why they’re often branded as “a home away from home,” since they have the most common and most important amenities present in a home.

It allows you to do anything that you want in your rented place. That is, you can fully enjoy the luxury of your own space—and to do anything as you please, as though you were in your personal abode.


  • Price. There isn’t a glaring difference in price between these two kinds of accommodations, although a serviced apartment often comes at a cheaper price, as compared to a hotel.

But then again, it’s also vital to consider where the price will bring you. In a hotel, you have fewer amenities. On the contrary, a serviced apartment allows you to enjoy your privacy and get the best out of your space.


  • The length of stay. Aside from the set-up, this might be another major difference between the two.

If you need to temporarily reside in a location for weeks to a few months, then staying in a hotel might not such be a smart idea, especially in terms of the cost.

This won’t be too much of a problem in the serviced apartments in Manila since they come in flexible price ranges, which will depend on how long your stay is. Thus, a serviced apartment might not fit your budget as much as staying in a hotel will do.

Additionally, serviced apartments allow you to save more money in the long run. Consider the fees (and tips) in a valet or room service; and the fact that a serviced apartment permits you to cook your own meals—just imagine how much you’ll be saving on food finances!


Why choose serviced apartments?

Why choose serviced apartments


Do you still need a bit more prodding? Here are more reasons to choose one of the serviced apartments in Manila during your trip.


  • Cost-effectiveness. You should always take your expenses into account. As you might know, traveling can be quite costly, and you want to be able to save as much money as you can along the way.

If that’s the case, then serviced apartments can be an extremely practical choice. They have an excellent service—and for a much lesser price than a 5 star hotel in Manila.


  • The comfort you need. Serviced apartments will provide you with all the comfort you need in your temporary location. You want a warm place to go home to after your daily escapades—which this kind of lodging can grant you. In fact, you can treat them as a secondary home.


  • Space and privacy. Serviced apartments will allow you to do anything in your rented place. Plus, it’s usually spacious, and you’ll have all the breathing room you need.

And then, there’s the privacy that you might not have at a hotel. In serviced apartments, you don’t have to be afraid of trivial things interrupting your work or quality time.


  • A unique experience. A hotel experience is too generic. A serviced apartment, on the other hand, delivers something different. Even for a brief period, you’ll have an experience living like a local, and you’ll have an intimate glimpse of their lifestyle, as well as their culture.


Tips in selecting a serviced apartment in Manila

There are some factors that you need to keep in mind when mulling over which serviced apartment in Manila you’re going to choose. This will guarantee that you’ll make an excellent choice, one that will render your stay fulfilling and enjoyable.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when selecting a serviced apartment in Manila.


  • Budget. Before anything else, consider your budget. Take into account the length of your stay as well, and calculate whether the estimated cost will be amenable to you.


  • Coziness. What are you looking for in your lodging? Keep a mental list in your mind, and make sure that the service apartment you’re booking meets all your requirements (especially the amenities and facilities).


  • Space. You want your serviced apartment to serve as your temporary home. You want to be as comfortable as possible, so it’s important for you to assess the space of the apartment beforehand. Is it enough for you? Does it feel a bit cramped?


  • Privacy. You don’t want to be disturbed while you’re sleeping by the constant influx of people. You deserve your own privacy, so ensure that your serviced apartment will grace you with that.


  • Customer reviews. Make sure to check out the customer reviews, if there are any. This will give you an idea of what the customers’ stay in that serviced apartment was like.


  • Convenient location. It’s very essential that you take the serviced apartment’s location into consideration. It should be situated somewhere convenient, so that you’ll have no problem accessing necessary areas, such as the grocer and other business establishments.

If you’re a tourist or a traveler, then it should be in close proximity to vacation spots that you can visit. If you’re on a business trip, then it should be close to your site.

Your serviced apartment should be placed in a strategic location—one that will allow you to reach various areas without any problem.

The appeal of serviced apartments

The appeal of serviced apartments


In Manila, this kind of lodging has swelled in popularity in the recent years. They’re a particular favorite of professionals traveling for occasional business trips, as well as students or employees undergoing trainings for a certain period. They’re also perfect for families or friends who want to have an extended stay in the vacation spots of their liking.

The appeal of a serviced apartment primarily lies in the space, privacy, and comfort that it can bestow on its inhabitants. Serviced apartments in Manila can act as your second home while you stay here, allowing you to have an idea of the lifestyle and culture of this thriving city.

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