I’M Hotel: The Perfect Millennial Getaway Posted By: on May 28th, 2018

What makes I’M Hotel the ideal luxury spot in Makati for Millennials?

  1. The sleek rooms and services.
  2. The world-class cuisine.
  3. The colorful Poblacion district.
  4. The Mermaid Bar and acrylic-bottomed Infinity Pool.
  5. The Onsen Spa.


I’M Hotel is home to some of the best and most elegant serviced apartments here in Manila; one of the most esteemed and highly-reputable hotels in Makati with a pool. I’M Hotel has received a prestigious nomination by the Asia Spa awards as the Best Urban Hotel in 2017—a coveted award in the hospitality industry.

The sophistication that runs through I’M Hotel’s brilliant architecture and interiors is paired with first-rate management and service that is known for its uncompromised independence, transparency, and objectivity. Home to many firsts in the urban landscape of Metro Manila, I’M Hotel can be found in Poblacion’s exciting district. This establishment also contains the country’s largest urban spa, which is another reason why people prefer having their staycations here.

Staycation is a term popularized by the Millennials. This age group is pretty well-known for their wandering soul. They are often seen booking their next getaway.

Are you one of them currently hunting for your future trip? If yes, then you have no need to look further because I’M Hotel is your ideal destination!


High-Class Rooms and Services

I’M Hotel’s rooms are one-of-a-kind because they lovingly exasperate all the classic and timeless elements of traditional hotel design, while beautifully embracing the new styles and chic millennial trends.

The Classic Studio room is an intimate and equally enchanting space that is modeled for your utmost comfort and relaxation. The Indulgence and Prestige rooms, along with the Executive Prestige King and Executive suites, take business and pleasure to the next level by offering some of the most dazzling panoramic views of Metro Manila.

The impeccable service is also another aspect that illustrates the universal grandeur of I’M Hotel. Whether for Millennials or for guests of any other demographic, the hospitality and excellence of the service are prepared to pamper you, your friends, and anyone else you want to bring with you on your stay.

The Common Ground: The Adventurous Food Playground

The Common Ground: The Adventurous Food Playground

With the rise of social media and with the emergence of landmark smartphone photo apps like Instagram, Millennials are very much into sharing every highlight of their lifestyles—most especially when it comes to food. The internationally diverse and delightfully eclectic range of dishes served in this world-class buffet look just as lovely as they taste, which is perfect for sharing on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Millennials are an increasingly experimental and adventurous generation; this is especially true when it comes to cuisine. The Common Good buffet comes with many options that range from modern Chinese cuisine to Indian delicacies to Italian flavors with a Pan-Asian twist.


All the Sights and Sounds of the Poblacion District

Millennials are travel junkies that invest a lot in exploring and getting to know other places. Regardless if at home or abroad, Millennials have a knack and an inclination towards seizing all the hippest happenings of the urban jungle.

I’M Hotel is within close proximity to the artful beats of the Poblacion district. With the lively colors of the many hang out spots in Poblacion, Millennials are sure to appreciate and love giving the area a visit while staying within the opulent splendors of I’M Hotel.

The Mermaid Bar and Breathtaking Acrylic-Bottomed Infinity Pool

The Mermaid Bar and Breathtaking Acrylic-Bottomed Infinity Pool

If there’s one thing that Millennials love to do; it is to party their hearts out at the most breathtaking of venues. I’M Hotel’s Mermaid Bar is the celebratory embodiment of good food and good music. It is located right by the acrylic-bottomed infinity pool that is the perfect modern haven for the hippest crowds.

Millennial guests are sure to love the wide selection of the city’s best cocktails and spirits. I’M Hotel undoubtedly has one of the most stunning views of the Makati skyline that beautifully melts as the iconic Manila sunset hits its peaks—another priceless and picturesque Instagram-worthy moment that Millennials are sure to fall head over heels for.


The Tranquil Allures of the Signature I’M Onsen Spa

Millennials are definitely a hard-working generation that takes independence to another dimension. Besides full-time work, many Millennials even continue to push themselves by pursuing side-hustles. It also goes without saying that Millennials deal with tremendous amounts of stress and turmoil. I’M Hotel’s iconic Onsen Spa is perfect for Millennials that are in dire need of rest and relaxation.

The treatments are designed and developed by the country’s best team of wellness specialists and master aromatherapists. The incomparable Onsen Spa experience consists of peaceful rituals that combine the potent elements of oriental therapy with western massage techniques. They also come with many health benefits through the hotel’s custom-blended essential oils.


Key Takeaway

I’M Hotel has some of the most luxurious serviced apartments in Manila and is one of the best hotels in Makati with a pool. Millennials are definitely going to love everything that I’M Hotel represents and has to offer.

What are you waiting for? Come and book your stay now!

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