Here’s How You Can Have the Ultimate Wellness Staycation at a Hotel in Makati Posted By: on June 26th, 2018

What are the most important guidelines for planning the best hotel wellness staycation?

  1. Prep and recovery
  2. Making a soundtrack
  3. Workout together
  4. Spa relaxation
  5. Food and nutrition


Staycations are fun and refreshing because they’re all about you, your family, friends, and loved ones getting together and unwinding from the many stresses and concerns of everyday life; it is simply a time to rejoice and enjoy each other’s company.

It goes without saying that there is a multitude of hotels in Makati with different varieties in facilities and accommodations that would be great options for having a peaceful staycation. But an exciting and healthy approach to going about your staycation is to have a theme of wellness and general fitness.

When it comes to planning your long-deserved wellness staycation at one of the many luxury hotels here in Makati, there are many aspects that you should put into consideration in order to truly maximize and have the best time with you and your cherished company.

Below are some of the most essential factors that come into play when having the best wellness staycation for you and your friends:

Proper Preparation and Recovery

Proper Preparation and Recovery

The first and arguably most important thing that comes into having a successful wellness staycation is to handle and take care of your workout or activity preparation and recovery. What this means is that you should be scheduling your trips to the gym even though you’re supposed to be on a holiday. But don’t worry you don’t have to sign up for a new gym membership since luxury hotels in Makati usually have their own.

It also wouldn’t hurt for you to prepare some exercise materials you can take in your own hotel room. If you could, try to arrange a workout regimen, including having your favorite energy drinks on-the-go, your post-workout wardrobe ready, your skincare laid out for your convenience, and even the supplements that will allow you finish your exercise routines.


Getting A Good Workout Together

It goes without saying that your wellness staycation would not be complete without getting your sweat on with your pals! Absolutely nothing compares and feels better than having a good exercise to start out your day. What’s so great about luxury hotels is that they always have in them first-rate and world-class gym and exercise equipment.

When it comes to having the best fitness staycation possible, the most important factor is togetherness. It truly is quite the rewarding experience when you and your friends bond together while climbing the ladder of physical development.

 The Powers of Crafting Your Own Exercise Soundtrack

The Powers of Crafting Your Own Exercise Soundtrack

This section may seem shallow and easy to write-off, but the truth is that having your own workout playlist actually plays a vital part in your overall performance. Keeping the good vibes going with your friends while working out is actually very easy and something that comes naturally, but having killer music to go along with it raises the experience into high gear.

Whether you and your friends are doing laps around the pool or pumping it up in the gym, having the right playlist can significantly affect and boost all your moods. It doesn’t really matter what music you go for as long as it is of your preference. Having the right playlist makes a tremendous impact on your build ups and energy flow.


Rest and Relaxation with The Onsen Spa

What better way to reward yourself while getting maximum recovery from your fun and intense workout session than with a tranquil visit to the spa. I’M Hotel’s signature Onsen Spa has been rated number 1 by the highly reputable travel site TripAdvisor.

Of all the luxury spas here in Metro Manila, I’M Hotel’s Onsen Spa offers quite the unique and incomparable experience.  With equipment and minerals directly imported from Japan, the highly-trained and experienced therapists are sure to pamper your body to utmost delight. At I’M Hotel’s iconic Onsen Spa, spa treatments are handled and executed as an ancient and sacred art.

 The Importance of Fuel and Food

The Importance of Fuel and Food

It certainly would not be a wellness staycation without indulging in the heavenly flavors of good food. And certainly, nothing beats having a killer and productive work out without following it up with an amazing meal with friends.

I’M Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels here in Makati that is best known for a wide and eclectic range of delicacies. The Common Good: Food Playground is one of Manila’s best hubs for international cuisine. Celebrate your staycation to your heart’s delight by treating your belly and taste buds!


Key Takeaway

Staycations are all about recreation. And what better way to make the most out of your staycation than with some good ol’ exercise and fitness. Hotels in Makati are home to many great physical activities for you and your friends.

By keeping the key points discussed above in mind, your wellness staycation at one of the luxury hotels here in Makati is sure to be a fun, exciting, peaceful, and memorable one!

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