Makati’s International Food Playground Found in a 5-Star Hotel in Manila Posted By: on March 13th, 2018

What are the exciting offerings of I’M Hotel’s The Common Good Restaurant?

  1. The healthy options of Paul & Ranuka and The Fountain.
  2. Tasty journeys in Europe and Asia with Sucre and Al Dente.
  3. The oriental flavors of Empress Jade, One Bowl Wonder, and Perfect Four.
  4. The savory grilling offered by Parilla.
  5. The unique dining experiences of Tiffin.


Luxury hotels are often known for their world-class dining options—it is one of the key marks that determine the establishment’s star rating. The hospitality industry specializes in pampering their guests, and spoiling them with the best that the world has to offer. With the different 5-star hotels in Manila, there is nothing quite like I’M Hotel’s newly opened The Common Good Restaurant. This experience in the magic of international cuisine is quite like no other in Metro Manila.

The international buffets that are found in the many 5-star hotels in Manila all have their own distinct touches to their dishes, but The Common Good Restaurant takes these standardized mixtures of culinary service and elevates them to more refined levels.

Here are some overviews on the special food offerings of The Common Good Restaurant:

Health – Paul & Ranuka, The Fountain


Health – Paul & Ranuka, The Fountain

One of the common faults of international buffets is that they fail to offer healthier food options for customers that prefer more health-centered dishes. The Common Good Restaurant definitely has this demographic very much covered by offering the best and tastiest healthy food alternatives.

If you are hankering for a simple snack or a deliciously light appetizer dishes, Paul & Ranuka serve the healthiest corner salads and sandwiches that are sure to excite your tasting senses. The Common Good Restaurant also has The Fountain, for those looking to quench their thirst with modern healthy beverages.

Euro-Asian Cuisine – Sucre, Al Dente

Euro-Asian Cuisine – Sucre, Al Dente

In the Philippines, different buffet services often find it difficult to pull-off Euro-Asian cuisine, but I’M Hotel’s The Common Good Restaurant executes authentic Euro-Asian cuisine with such gusto and masterfulness in terms of flavor.

Sucre is a French word that directly translates to ‘sugar.’ It is also the name of one of the sections The Common Good Restaurant has in store for their guests. They serve the sweetest delicacies that would look absolutely gorgeous on your Instagram feed. The Shibuya honey French toast with ice cream is sure to make your mouth water in anticipation.

Al Dente is another section that breathes playful life into Italian cuisine by serving classic Italian dishes with exciting Pan-Asian twists.


Asia – Empress Jade, One Bowl Wonder, Perfect Four

Asian cuisine, on the other hand, is a very commonly mastered style of cuisine in the Philippines. But I’M Hotel’s The Common Good Restaurant incorporates their iconic Asian fusion cuisine into the mix.

Empress Jade is an eatery that has grown highly reputable alongside the uprise of I’M Hotel. In The Common Good Restaurant, they continue to serve some of Metro Manila’s greatest in the form of modern dim sum and noodle dishes. One Bowl Wonder blends the magic of both Hong Kong and Japan in the form of ‘Donburi’ style rice-topping dishes.

Finally, The Common Good Restaurant also offers great package deals such as the Perfect Four, which a great combination of 3 viands and rice—perfect for 4 dining guests looking for the most fulfilling and affordably priced meal set with satisfying amounts of macronutrient carbs, fats, proteins, as well as the healthiest greens.

Grilled _Angus_Isaw-Parilla

Grill and BBQ – Parilla

Whether you are dining for lunch or dinner, the option of having a grilled dish is a magnificent choice for either. The mastery that I’M Hotel’s executive chefs show when it comes to preparing food is surely exceptional, and their grilling skills are second to none.

Parilla is The Common Good Restaurant’s rendition of the ultimate BBQ dining experience taken to the swankiest of world standards. The fine art of grilling and barbequing meat requires the perfect balance between strong handles of raw cooking ingenuity and, at the same time, the most delicate touches of intuition when it comes to flavoring. Parilla is sure to keep your belly happy, put a smile on your face, and make you want to come back for more the next time around.


The Culinary World of Tiffin

Arguably, the most unique aspect of I’M Hotel’s The Common Good Restaurant is the introduction of Tiffin. Tiffin is an Indian word that translates to a distinct type of meal.

On Indian terrain, this is often referred to as an afternoon midday snack. In a general context, it means ‘light snack.’ The Common Good Restaurant takes this concept and revitalizes it with a wide range of dishes that incorporate the tiffin wallahs of Bombay to spiced tea and savory snacks from the world’s top suppliers.


Key Takeaway

The next time you go looking for a food adventure or just a lovely restaurant to dine in, consider The Common Ground Restaurant located in I’M Hotel, a 5-star hotel in Manila. You can expect to be blown away by its budget-friendly, exciting, and playful display of the best food fusions in the Philippines.

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